Manage orders, stock, shipping labels and sales channel updates in a fraction of the time.

If any of the below sounds familiar we know Despatch Cloud can save you both time and money.

  • Do you need to move to the new Royal Mail barcode system or have Royal Mail been in touch about DMO (Despatch Manager Online)?
  • Do you have issues with stock control? Do you often oversell on eBay, Amazon or your website?
  • Do you spend over £100 per month on paper, documents enclosed wallets or integrated label paper?
  • Do you have issues with occasionally sending out the wrong items to customers?
  • Do you spend time manually copying and pasting address data into a courier booking interface and copying and pasting tracking codes into Amazon, eBay and/or your own website?
  • Do you have issues tracking your best selling products?

Order Management

Despatch Cloud automatically downloads all of your orders into a single easy to use web based interface (a central hub) and supports major marketplaces, shopping cart solutions and couriers.

No matter where an order comes from, the way it gets despatched though Despatch Cloud is exactly the same; there is no need to login to any marketplaces, shopping cart solutions or couriers admin area or control panel when processing your daily orders. Despatch Cloud will automatically calculate shipping based on your settings (which we will setup for you), it will print packing slips, send out confirmation emails (and sms messages) with despatch confirmations and tracking codes (if applicable) and will then update the sales channel that the order has been despatched.

Stock Management

Despatch Cloud allows you to save time on manual inventory management tasks by allowing you to easily control your stock in multiple locations.

Despatch Cloud will update all of your marketplaces and shopping cart solutions with a live accurate stock level - this means you can’t oversell allowing you to list your full product range on all marketplaces and shopping carts. In addition to this with Despatch Cloud you never get caught off-guard with low inventory as at all times you can see what you have and where its located in your warehouse/home office.


Despatch Cloud allows you to grow your revenue by knowing which products are performing best and through which marketplaces and shopping cart solutions by allowing you to download aggregate sales and product reports or break reports down by individual marketplaces and shopping carts. An example of how powerful our reports can be is our stock report; this report takes into account sales data and gives you a stock days remaining figure. This is a very powerful information resource as it allows you to know exactly how long stock will last in days if current sales patterns continue.

All businesses use reports in different ways as such Despatch Cloud allows you to export collated report data in a range of formats and allows for custom reports to be created to meet your specific reporting needs.

Lets look at some of the great features and benefits of Despatch Cloud.

1 month FREE trial with 3 months hardware rental and full support.

At Despatch Cloud we are really confident in our software and what it can offer your business. As such we are confident that once a you make contact and try Despatch Cloud you will see the benefits.

The best way to allow you to see what Despatch Cloud can offer you is to let you try it free, therefore we offer a 1 month free trial and can include all the hardware we recommend as well, best of all once your 1 month free trial ends you can keep the hardware for another 2 months if you wish, giving you time to shop around for a good deal on your own hardware (we can help with this too).

Login to Despatch Cloud with your Google account.

We love to make things easy, we know time is money and as such we wanted to make it as easy as possible to login to Despatch Cloud.

We included "Login with Google" to save our customers time at login and also improve the security of our system, we recommend using "Login with Google" and also recommend turning on Google 2-Step Verification if your not already using it with your Google account.

You can find out more about Google 2-Step Verification on the Google 2-Step Verification website.

One click customer inclusion into your company mailing list.

Make the most of your multichannel customer data with simple one click mailing list inclusion when using MailChimp.

Not using MailChimp don't worry you can still make the most of your multichannel customer data its simple to export customer information as CSV file that you can then import into other bulk mail list applications.

In addition sending emails Despatch Cloud also supports SMS messages and data export for Text Local the UK's #1 Business SMS Platform.

Customised packing sheets, invoices and labels.

We allow you to have fully customised packing sheets, invoices and labels (subject to the courier you are using) access all sales channels so you can be sure when using our system your brand is always prominent.

We understand the importance of brand image to a business and will support you in making sure you are 100% happy with the design and wording of your packing sheets, invoices, labels, emails and SMS messages.

We offer a fully white label option at no extra cost.

Despatch Cloud can be setup to be fully white label, with this option active your customers will have no idea your using our system you can customise every aspect of what your customers see from packing sheets, invoices and labels to emails and SMS messages.

Note: We also offer white label hosted solutions for organisations wishing to rebrand our system as their own, please contact us for information on this option.

We take your security seriously.

We created Despatch Cloud with security in mind, every subscription includes an SSL certificate at no cost that uses industry standard 256-bit encryption technology. This is the same level of encryption used by banks to keep your information secure.

In addition to this our servers are managed and monitored by one of the UK's leading hosting providers and we make sure we keep all your data inside the UK. We are also a registered data controller with the ICO.