Software developed by people that use it everyday.

Mission: To supply cloud based shipping and inventory management software to small and medium sized business at an affordable price, without any compromises. Understanding not all business have the same needs.

Our History

A brief history on Despatch Cloud’s Origins

In 2011 our founder Matthew Dunne setup a ecommerce fulfilment centre in Driffield, East Yorkshire. He quickly realised that printing packing sheets and marking orders as shipped on eBay, Amazon and on company ecommerce websites was a time consuming and inefficient process - he knew something had to be done.

Being a software developer by trade, and knowing there was a better way to process our daily orders, Matthew began to look around for a solution. He looked at the systems out in the market at that time, but was not happy with any of them due to price or ease of use.

Matthew quickly decided to create his own solution that allowed his team to do exactly what was important to his business; the simple and efficient dispatch of daily orders with accurate inventory control and real time sales and stock reports.

The system Matthew created is called Despatch Cloud and it’s the system still used to this day in the fulfilment centre Matthew setup in 2011.

Since 2011 the software and warehouse team has expanded. In 2013 Ben Ray joined Snaffle as a company director bringing a structured approach to company management and a strong engineering background.

Where we are today

An outline of the current state of affairs at Despatch Cloud

As a company the focus of Snaffle has changed from its fulfilment roots, yes we still offer fulfilment and are able to offer cost effective fulfilment in the UK (fulfilment centre in Driffield, East Yorkshire) and the US (fulfilment centre in Fayetteville, North Carolina) however as a company we now offer the Despatch Cloud system to other business owners and this offering and the ongoing development of this offering is at the core of what we now do.

We feel having the Despatch Cloud software as the core of what we now do, and having a development team in-house sets Despatch Cloud apart from similar products now on the market, as our development team is in-house we are able to quickly and cheaply tailor the Despatch Cloud system based on the needs of each individual business.

Our Goals

Here’s where Despatch Cloud is heading

As standard, Despatch Cloud offers a wide range of advantages over using the control panels of eBay, Amazon and ecommerce websites direct and is the ideal inventory management and order dispatch system for small to medium sized businesses working from home or from a warehouse location, however for us, Despatch Cloud can be improved with ideas from our customers and changing technology.

Our software team, lead by Matthew, always push to challenge the way things work and come up with new ideas for a faster more cost effective alternative. We have a dedicated research and development room at our offices where we buy in and experiment with new technology.

The plan for the next 5 years of Despatch Cloud is to continue to develop the system keeping it up to date and working on quality of features over quantity of features. Many systems on the market do a lot of things not very well, at Despatch Cloud we want to be known for doing a few key things very well.

At Despatch Cloud both myself and Ben are completely confident that through what Despatch Cloud offers, we can revolutionise your ecommerce operation.

We are always happy to offer potential customers a free on site consultation or just an informal chat dependant on what you would prefer. We both deal with new customers personally so when you talk to us you know your talking to someone who understands your business needs and has been where you are now.